The AUSTLANG system assembles information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages from various sources. The core of AUSTLANG is the AUSTLANG database (online Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages database) which is linked to Google Maps. The system also facilitates access to other databases, PDF files and links to websites, which all provides information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. AUSTLANG enables users to search for a language by a language name or a place name, or by navigating Google Maps, and to view a variety of information on the language. AUSTLANG users can also launch a catalogue search of the AIATSIS collection catalogue, MURA.

AUSTLANG runs best on Firefox (free download from but it also runs on Internet Explorer and Safari. AUSTLANG is best viewed on 1024 x 768 screen resolution.


Users of this system are advised that the information in AUSTLANG is presented largely from a research perspective and may not necessarily be consistent with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives. The system assembles information from a number of sources, without assessing the validity and truthfulness of information. AIATSIS makes no representations, warranties or assurances (either expressed or implied) as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information presented. AIATSIS will not be liable for any damage that may arise from use of or reliance upon any information provided by this system or from your inability to use the system. AIATSIS reserves the right to add, delete and/or modify any information on the site at any time without prior notification.

The system also has links to and from web sites that are operated or created by organisations outside of AIATSIS. Those organisations are solely responsible for the operation and information found on their respective web sites. The linking to or from this site does not imply on the part of the AIATSIS any endorsement or guarantee of any of the organisations or information found on their respective web sites. Users of this system are advised that locations of languages shown on the Google map are approximate and it is not to be used for land or native title claims. The system offers one, but not an authoritative or definitive, representation of locations of languages.

Users of this system should be aware that, in some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, hearing and seeing of names of deceased persons may cause sadness or distress and in some cases offend against strongly held cultural prohibitions.

Materials listed in MURA, AIATSIS collection catalogue, may be subject to access conditions imposed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and/or depositors. Users are advised that access to some materials may be subject to these terms and conditions which AIATSIS is required to maintain.

I have read and understand the warnings given above. I agree to treat this material with sensitivity being aware that it may contain words or descriptions which are not normally spoken of publicly. Having understood this, I wish to enter AUSTLANG.